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If you are so down the rabbit hole of being a FOSS advocate that you start gatekeeping it and telling people they should ditch their friends that aren't also fully on the FOSS train, maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities.

This shit is actually upsetting.

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If you know people who play and would want to use chat from their Android phone, maybe show them XIVChat, the app I've been working on.

Feel free to join the Discord linked on the website (top right corner) for help. Never launched an app before, so it may not be super smooth. <_<

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I write `struct State {}`, and in my mind, I begin to think this sentence: "and into this state, I can put the mongodb client", but what comes out my mouth is "and into this state, I can pour my cruelty, my malice, and my will to dominate all life"

I just made a program in Rust using egui and compilled it to WASM, as well. Really cool to be able to run it as a native program or in the browser and have it work exactly the same.

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Who is pushing themselves into this list?

Fedora 34 KDE spin ships with Wayland as a default. I really want to like Wayland, but it is unbelievably shit with KDE. Finally gave up and turned on X11 and I can actually use my laptop now.

I kinda have a plan on how to escape this country. Slow plan and not super well-defined, but it's better than nothing.

Someone tried to DM me malware on Discord pretending it was a "game" they wanted my feedback on. It's a credential stealer that posts its results on Discord using webhooks. Found the webhooks and reported them. I could also delete the webhooks, too, since I have the auth tokens, but I think that might tip off the script kiddy. They also left their GitHub username embedded in their malware, so I know who they are, too.

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I think worse than someone you care about telling you they don't want to talk anymore is someone you care about completely ghosting you.

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I learned that the extended family that's at our house just about every day view me as something that can't be explained to their eight-year-old. They're hiding me from her, so that makes me feel great. Nothing like being an abomination to be hidden out of sight.


My girl voice is bad :c

So far, paying for ads has not been profitable. I think I got one conversion so far? Spent $6.51 to make ~$3, but maybe it will improve.

BBVA made the unwise decision to close Simple. Not much faith after that. Now they can't even run their own banking website or phone lines. What a shit company.

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I hate cars but I really love movies about cars similar to how I hate guns but I usually like video games about guns

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All I have to say about urianger is that one day he will cum, once, and then start talking normally for the rest of the story

oh boy, another day where something happens that makes me feel like shit, unloved, and unwanted


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