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If you are so down the rabbit hole of being a FOSS advocate that you start gatekeeping it and telling people they should ditch their friends that aren't also fully on the FOSS train, maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities.

This shit is actually upsetting.

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If you know people who play and would want to use chat from their Android phone, maybe show them XIVChat, the app I've been working on.

Feel free to join the Discord linked on the website (top right corner) for help. Never launched an app before, so it may not be super smooth. <_<

@AgathaSorceress I hope you're doing okay. This is awful, and if there's anything you need, just ask. (sorry, edited to change visibility)

Atlassian support has told me they cannot delete my account unless I create a new account and transfer server licences to it that expired close to a decade ago.

I'm probably gonna have to write a "blog" post and post it on HN to get my account deleted.

Atlassian makes it impossible to delete your account if you've ever had a licence for any of their products. I beg you, stay far, far away from Atlassian.

oh god why is it every time I think "I should toot this" it's something horribly depressing

relationship stuff 

I think I may be the only non-poly woman

so many people following me, I feel special

I made a delicious spicy chili and ate it. I wish there was more.

Gonna buy three new glasses frames tomorrow!! Excited to look cute

I searched for "how do I keep thigh-highs from falling" and basically the answer is "get ones with spandex" OR "use tape or glue"

So I guess I'm buying fashion tape

single again after I thought I found The One™️

bigotry on fedi 

Funny that my domain block list contains lots of "right-wing hate" masquerading as "free speech".

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bigotry on fedi 

So I saw I was mentioned by an account called "holohoax" on, so I blocked that account. Went to check that instance. Calls itself an instance for shitposters, which is fine, this could just be a bigot making a spam account.

Open the owner's profile, pinned toot rebrands toot as "poast", says "this site has no political leaning", and the first thing is a boost from a user named "sandwigger".

That's a domain block if I've ever seen one.

I hate the feeling when things aren't going well and there's no one you can tell.

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I write `struct State {}`, and in my mind, I begin to think this sentence: "and into this state, I can put the mongodb client", but what comes out my mouth is "and into this state, I can pour my cruelty, my malice, and my will to dominate all life"

I just made a program in Rust using egui and compilled it to WASM, as well. Really cool to be able to run it as a native program or in the browser and have it work exactly the same.

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Who is pushing themselves into this list?

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