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If you are so down the rabbit hole of being a FOSS advocate that you start gatekeeping it and telling people they should ditch their friends that aren't also fully on the FOSS train, maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities.

This shit is actually upsetting.

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If you know people who play and would want to use chat from their Android phone, maybe show them XIVChat, the app I've been working on.

Feel free to join the Discord linked on the website (top right corner) for help. Never launched an app before, so it may not be super smooth. <_<

Sister did my hair and now I'm extra cute

I feel extraordinarily cute today. I have a sweater on with sleeves too long and they cover up part of my hands. I'm cute af

I do like that I can use normal email clients now that I'm off ProtonMail.

I don't know exactly when or why, but I stopped biting my nails and now I consciously prevent myself from doing so when I'm about to start (which isn't often, but it's an OLD habit and I catch myself starting to sometimes).

All I gotta say is that damn biting your nails is more convenient than clipping them. Fuck.

(Also I think I might have stopped when I started using hand cream regularly)

Looking at a voice training guide and hearing someone just radically change their voice boggles my mind.

People buying my app and slowing the rate at which my money runs out... I appreciate them so much


doesn't like it when he gets called names boooohooooo

I want a romantic relationship. I also don't. Relationship status: it's complicated (with myself)

Trying out Migadu, but I really dislike the daily send limit. Makes using things like DeltaChat super infeasible. I like everything else, though.

Imagine if I wasn't too poor to be who I am. Yay America

I don't want to sleep but also I don't want to do anything.

annoying scheduling 

Join a group for raiding in and they schedule two days of doing stuff over the next two weeks of downtime (no new content to do in that time).

Later, it's agreed upon to not do those days because there's no reason. Cut to the first day (cancelled) where some of the group decides that, actually, they *do* want to do stuff. I don't show up because they said we weren't doing anything and that's extremely late notice.

They kicked me out. Better now than later, I guess, since I'm not gonna stay in a group that makes such random schedule changes at such short notice. Good riddance.

trans issues 

Soooo Planned Parenthood seems to offer hormones in practically every state except mine. Plume is ridiculously expensive ($100/mo) for what would essentially just be "please write me a prescription every month".

Why is it such a nightmare to get hormones?

I made a post on Hacker News about my Discord account. Lo and behold, I'm unbanned. This shouldn't be the way it works. Support ghosted me for nearly a month.


When will Democrats realise that the bipartisan ship sailed long ago? Trying to work with the right is a fool's errand.

Nearly ready to start selling the Windows app, too. For as little income as the Android app has made me so far, it does help, so here's hoping Windows also helps.

Having uncomfortable thoughts about death and stuff, so I guess it's time to watch Futurama to take my mind off it.

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