Biden has stated that he wants Americans to stop treating the other political party as the enemy.

It's a nice notion, but it's the wrong one. It's a sad fact that the Republican party is the enemy, in many ways.

They are, first and foremost, the enemies of democracy. They support autocrats and idealise dictatorships. They are party over country and have been for a long time now, even if being so destroys our system of government.

They are enemies of the people, socially. They seek to marginalise or outright end people that are different than them. They support hatred and idolise white nationalists and other symbols of hate. They enjoy seeing massacres, so long as they're not of white people (white people they like, that is).

They are enemies of the people, economically. They support making the rich richer. They froth over seeing a trillionaire exist when the average person can't get a job, when homelessness continues to exist. They voters work against their own interests while the cult leaders they follow advance their personal gains.

This is just a few of the ways Republicans work to destroy this country.

Any Trump voter is a tacit supporter of these stances, as they support the people and the party that espouse these views. They want to see it continue. They are the enemy.

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