bigotry on fedi 

So I saw I was mentioned by an account called "holohoax" on, so I blocked that account. Went to check that instance. Calls itself an instance for shitposters, which is fine, this could just be a bigot making a spam account.

Open the owner's profile, pinned toot rebrands toot as "poast", says "this site has no political leaning", and the first thing is a boost from a user named "sandwigger".

That's a domain block if I've ever seen one.

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bigotry on fedi 

Funny that my domain block list contains lots of "right-wing hate" masquerading as "free speech".

re: bigotry on fedi 

@ascclemens I've heard today of some list of trans handles being shared on some bigotry fediverse instance. It's pretty loud given…

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