If you know people who play and would want to use chat from their Android phone, maybe show them XIVChat, the app I've been working on.

Feel free to join the Discord linked on the website (top right corner) for help. Never launched an app before, so it may not be super smooth. <_<


I make a plugin that blocks real-money trade and roleplaying advertisements in . People can report ones that slip through. Let's look at what they report:

Not RP: LF personal tank, will nuzzle and wuzzle UwU <3
Not RMT: SELLING Incitatus Whistle! (Shiva Unreal Pony) 16 million or best offer
Not anything: Post-Add Prog. Cross Teathers! 6/8 Static More info described inside!

I'm glad I let people send me these useless reports ;-;

I've somehow become the person who handles ad-blocking in (yes, this is a real thing that has to happen).

I'm never sure if the changing ads that slip through are actively trying to avoid my filters or just happen to by coincidence.

bigotry, corporate indifference 

When a self-proclaimed Nazi in repeatedly spreads hate and disinformation over a course of two years and is reported a multitude of times over that span, Square Enix does nothing.

They will, however, ban people who say "poopyhead" or spam an annoying ability in public. But ban an actual Nazi? No, that would be ludicrous.


Today someone on told me that I should go on Gab if I want entertainment. That's a big yikes from me, dawg.

This being directly followed by him saying non-far-right people are "Jew-brainwashed" and that "Hitler had the right idea."

Needless to say, I reported him, but just what the fuck?

Using a plugin to block RMT in chat and in Party Finder feels pretty good. I just added a block for phishing links, too, which have been appearing lately.

Made a plugin that filters out content sellers from the Party Finder.

High Jump reducing that animation lock biggest DRG QoL.

The difference between saving HUD layouts and saving the position of various windows in the game is astounding.

HUD layouts is like just read these bytes, save them, then to restore, write them back into memory.

Window positions is like first compile a list of every internal window name, then call an internal game function to find the base UI pointer, then use that to find that window's pointer, then find the offset to the position and save that. Call an internal function to restore it.

I take it back; the SMN rotation is better.

I feel like the Akh Morning SMN rotation and opener are worse DPS than the ghetto one I was doing, but that makes no sense.

I was top DPS before, but now I'm not with this new rotation. It has way less clipping (just the triple weave Phoenix) and aligns things with raid buffs, so I just don't know how this is possible.

Getting purples on summoner for Ruby Weapon. Feel pretty good about that given that I have shit gear and still haven't looked at The Balance for SMN yet.

Installing SWTOR because my friend wants to get drunk and play it, but it's huge. I guess I'll play a different MMO () while I wait.

I wish that they hadn't made so easy... So many people think Yoshi-P is a good director, and I don't know why.

Haven't done Ruby Weapon in two months and helped a clear party. Didn't fail any mechanics. I remember when trials were hard.

Farming ARR primals for desynth and crafting the weapons, since they apparently sell and it's really easy.

Why are all my friends on different servers ;-;

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