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I write `struct State {}`, and in my mind, I begin to think this sentence: "and into this state, I can put the mongodb client", but what comes out my mouth is "and into this state, I can pour my cruelty, my malice, and my will to dominate all life"

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@AgathaSorceress the only person looking at you is me looking at your toot and wanting to give comfort pet ^^

@AgathaSorceress it's important to know the difference between HTᴹL and HTₘL

@AgathaSorceress this. My motivation is so touch and go that it's like... once I've "finished" a project, I basically never touch it again.

@AgathaSorceress I do not know what this means, and therefore I am immune!

@AgathaSorceress this. still waiting for a username change feature on my preferred git site

I just made a program in Rust using egui and compilled it to WASM, as well. Really cool to be able to run it as a native program or in the browser and have it work exactly the same.

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Who is pushing themselves into this list?

Fedora 34 KDE spin ships with Wayland as a default. I really want to like Wayland, but it is unbelievably shit with KDE. Finally gave up and turned on X11 and I can actually use my laptop now.

I kinda have a plan on how to escape this country. Slow plan and not super well-defined, but it's better than nothing.

@thor Written in node and all the file paths for their node_modules contain their username.

Someone tried to DM me malware on Discord pretending it was a "game" they wanted my feedback on. It's a credential stealer that posts its results on Discord using webhooks. Found the webhooks and reported them. I could also delete the webhooks, too, since I have the auth tokens, but I think that might tip off the script kiddy. They also left their GitHub username embedded in their malware, so I know who they are, too.

@oat Xavier is just an Organisation XIII name for Revia. Everything is a Kingdom Hearts reference.

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I think worse than someone you care about telling you they don't want to talk anymore is someone you care about completely ghosting you.

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