@AgathaSorceress I hope you're doing okay. This is awful, and if there's anything you need, just ask. (sorry, edited to change visibility)


@AgathaSorceress 12? I'm like 14 or 16. I can't look at small sizes anymore ;-;

Atlassian support has told me they cannot delete my account unless I create a new account and transfer server licences to it that expired close to a decade ago.

I'm probably gonna have to write a "blog" post and post it on HN to get my account deleted.

Atlassian makes it impossible to delete your account if you've ever had a licence for any of their products. I beg you, stay far, far away from Atlassian.

oh god why is it every time I think "I should toot this" it's something horribly depressing

relationship stuff 

I think I may be the only non-poly woman

so many people following me, I feel special

I made a delicious spicy chili and ate it. I wish there was more.

incredibly hot take 

@AgathaSorceress is this a hot take? I thought every decent dev knew this, but maybe not... oh god

Gonna buy three new glasses frames tomorrow!! Excited to look cute

@aoife why are straight couples such a common thing

I searched for "how do I keep thigh-highs from falling" and basically the answer is "get ones with spandex" OR "use tape or glue"

So I guess I'm buying fashion tape

single again after I thought I found The One™️

bigotry on fedi 

Funny that my domain block list contains lots of "right-wing hate" masquerading as "free speech".

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bigotry on fedi 

So I saw I was mentioned by an account called "holohoax" on poa.st, so I blocked that account. Went to check that instance. Calls itself an instance for shitposters, which is fine, this could just be a bigot making a spam account.

Open the owner's profile, pinned toot rebrands toot as "poast", says "this site has no political leaning", and the first thing is a boost from a user named "sandwigger".

That's a domain block if I've ever seen one.

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