The difference between saving HUD layouts and saving the position of various windows in the game is astounding.

HUD layouts is like just read these bytes, save them, then to restore, write them back into memory.

Window positions is like first compile a list of every internal window name, then call an internal game function to find the base UI pointer, then use that to find that window's pointer, then find the offset to the position and save that. Call an internal function to restore it.

C# has an interesting relationship with references. I'm not sure that auto properties are a good design. I can't reference an auto property, which means I need a backing field if I want to, and that backing field shouldn't be public by convention. This feels like an anti-pattern.

Meanwhile, in languages with more sensible references, I could just have an immutable field. If I wanted to, I could have a list of mutable or immutable references, but not in C#.

It would be nice if I could change my name or username on PayPal without needing to give them legal ID. My name on there *now* isn't my legal name anyway. 🙄

@meena I never looked at her Wikipedia! That's pretty rad.

Shit, the composer for Celeste (who is apparently a new composer for Minecraft?) is mega goals. I want to look like that.

@aoife I'm spec'd heavily in left-handedness. I've got -100, so I can basically destroy mountains with my left hand but can't pick up a pencil with my right.

Making plugins for XIVLauncher is pretty fun! I enjoy being able to add on to a game I like, and C# is very easy. It's like turn off your brain easy, which I don't feel when writing Rust (but I also love writing Rust, too).

I've stared at enough disassembled binary and memory buffers for today. I haven't done anything productive with them, either!

Installed Visual Studio and started up a C# project to make a plugin for a game. I remember writing Java... this is slightly better.

It's nice coming into a language any basically knowing it already, though.

I take it back; the SMN rotation is better.

I feel like the Akh Morning SMN rotation and opener are worse DPS than the ghetto one I was doing, but that makes no sense.

I was top DPS before, but now I'm not with this new rotation. It has way less clipping (just the triple weave Phoenix) and aligns things with raid buffs, so I just don't know how this is possible.

Getting purples on summoner for Ruby Weapon. Feel pretty good about that given that I have shit gear and still haven't looked at The Balance for SMN yet.

Waking up after very little sleep lately, and the fan hurts my eyes. Oof. Anyway, when do I get money so I can buy a PinePhone?

Alright, it's official: I've run out of things to toot that are mildly interesting. Truly, this is the life of a boring girl.

Time to watch more of The Office and waste more time. Very productive.

@sir Well, almost all life. There's that one guy who connects to them via IRC, don'tcha know.

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