I kinda have a plan on how to escape this country. Slow plan and not super well-defined, but it's better than nothing.

@thor Written in node and all the file paths for their node_modules contain their username.

Someone tried to DM me malware on Discord pretending it was a "game" they wanted my feedback on. It's a credential stealer that posts its results on Discord using webhooks. Found the webhooks and reported them. I could also delete the webhooks, too, since I have the auth tokens, but I think that might tip off the script kiddy. They also left their GitHub username embedded in their malware, so I know who they are, too.

@oat Xavier is just an Organisation XIII name for Revia. Everything is a Kingdom Hearts reference.

interpersonal - 

I think worse than someone you care about telling you they don't want to talk anymore is someone you care about completely ghosting you.

@chemelia this is the type of cute conversation I desire

@AgathaSorceress but my legs are the only thing I like about my body ;-;

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I learned that the extended family that's at our house just about every day view me as something that can't be explained to their eight-year-old. They're hiding me from her, so that makes me feel great. Nothing like being an abomination to be hidden out of sight.


My girl voice is bad :c

@aoife Today I learned that I'm both male and a gamer :o

So far, paying for ads has not been profitable. I think I got one conversion so far? Spent $6.51 to make ~$3, but maybe it will improve.

BBVA made the unwise decision to close Simple. Not much faith after that. Now they can't even run their own banking website or phone lines. What a shit company.

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I hate cars but I really love movies about cars similar to how I hate guns but I usually like video games about guns

@socks It seems like lots of people say "gay" as a general LGBTQIA+ designator. I don't really think it should be that way, and I can definitely see how seeing that while being *not* gay and also trans can have a negative effect.

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