I'm excited that people are buying my app! I haven't even advertised it where I think it will do best, yet. It's a shame it's not enough for a real income, but supplemental is good!

If you know people who play and would want to use chat from their Android phone, maybe show them XIVChat, the app I've been working on.

Feel free to join the Discord linked on the website (top right corner) for help. Never launched an app before, so it may not be super smooth. <_<


It's almost time! Beta will start the early access of the app. I should... make the website. Oh god.

At this point, any girl I see I just think "I wish I looked like that".

Being smooth is so great, but it takes so much effort.

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i think i might have found a way to boost my self esteem 

am i cute

So mint.lgbt is cool. They host a good Invidious instance (and a bunch of other stuff). I don't know who runs the network, but I like it. I also like that it's gay as heck.

New features for my app start with me updating my protocol document, which is loosely based off of RFCs. Then I have to create classes/structs/objects in the server and clients representing the new messages and their serialisation logic. Only then do I get to actually work on implementing the feature.

I still like it tho

To be fair, I may not be at "equilibrium" yet, and will continue to grow until I actually hit 90 days' worth of content.

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@tyr Oof, iterating over every single file. I'll look into it.

Up to 97 GBs in my Mastodon bucket. I have a cron job removing content older than 90 days, but I just ran it manually to make sure.

Was getting dressed after a shower and saw myself in the mirror. Stopped and said "wow, I look kinda cute".

unemployment hassles 

After unemployment rejected my claim because I didn't "have a valid reason to quit", I protested their decision with a letter from my employer that confirmed that I had a valid reason to quit.

My job doing IT work and development was ending and they said they would give me a job doing manual labour instead. I quit. This is a valid reason according to UIA's own policies.

It took unemployment several months to reject me. It has taken them several months to look at my protest. Actually, no, it hasn't, since they haven't even looked at it yet.

At least I got told my case would be escalated? Meanwhile I can't seem to find any work at all (not for lack of trying). Watching my savings circle the drain as unemployment drags their heels.

I fixed my app's performance with tons of messages. Nearly ready, except that someone with an S10 pointed out that the text touches the edge of their screen, which curves around. I don't really know how to fix that specifically for phones like that... I hate phones.

Chat apps that filter based on properties of the message (like channel) from one big source of messages are annoying to make. I think I'm nearly done; just a few more bugs to squash.

However, making this app was (and still is) a fantastic learning experience. I have no doubt I'll need to make another app in future, and this will have been invaluable experience for when I do.

still won't like it tho

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Added tabs and filtering to my Android app, which added 20 new strings for translation. I cannot wait for this project to go into maintenance instead of active development. I hate apps.

@socks I'm very biased, since I love Rust (though Python is my scripting language of choice).

I learned Rust and it became my favourite language because of its speed and how it's a systems language but feels much higher-level. It also forces you to think differently about programming concepts like memory handling, null, and error management.

Sendgrid had a ton of accounts hacked (or maybe cred stuffed?) and several of their IPs are listed in Spamhaus now. They haven't, oh, I don't know, told customers about this?

I found out because I sent an email through them and the person never got it. I investigated why and see in my recent activity that the email was rejected for being in Spamhaus.

Thanks, Sendgrid.

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