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All I have to say about urianger is that one day he will cum, once, and then start talking normally for the rest of the story

@HikaTamika I don't have anything to get commissioned, but I just wanted to say I love your art style! c:

@Craftplacer I've been able to hide all that annoying stuff using a combination of ShellExView and ShellMenuView :o

oh boy, another day where something happens that makes me feel like shit, unloved, and unwanted



If Gaetz doesn't look like the epitome of a fascist, I don't know who does. I mean just look at his face.

weird ppg gender thought i just had 

@aoife I really thought this said "pgp" instead of "ppg" and was super confused

@AgathaSorceress Feels like a halfway point between shell script and normal script, which might have come in handy quite a few times for me!

you ever just feel like you have no one you can share your feelings with

It would be cool if literally anything could go my way. Give me a break

sex toys 

I like that I spent a lot of money on a toy, and the package they sent me with slow-ass shipping doesn't even contain the toy.

Great, I love having to go through support channels. It would almost be easier to open a dispute on my card.

@AgathaSorceress I've only ever needed them once in the past, but they should enable other devs to do awesome things. :D

- make plans to hang out with someone
- they say they have conflicting plans but are still free later
- later rolls around and they say they only have an hour because of different plans
- takes an hour to tell you they can't hang out any more

cool, great, thanks. guess I'll go watch star trek to distract myself from sad

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