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The post-shower realisation that you missed a big spot shaving your legs. orm

So I wiped my phone for updating it. Right now I have no Google services (same as before) and no microG (different than before) with no issue. Fewer apps based on my usage.

@Atsuko Super out of nowhere, but I find your art so amazing! Also it's awesome that we share the same name :hehe:

Why is upgrading LineageOS so hard? I'm gonna have to wipe my whole phone at this point to get the damn upgrade to install.


What an absolute baby. He had no answer to any of the questions, and he had to be treated like a child the whole time. Trump truly is a disgrace to the US.


Wow, the moderator has to treat Trump like a child, because he is one. Surely that doesn't make him look strong to his supporters.

wait wait wait wait wait

There's an official Pixel 3 image now? I check every few months, and last time there wasn't! Shit, after this debate, I'm gonna upgrade!


I can't wait for what will definitely be a fair debate where both sides are fact-checked and muted when the other side is speaking. Definitely going to happen. TM

Boy do I want to get the Manjaro PinePhone, but I don't have that kind of disposable income right now. Please save me from running this ancient version of LineageOS for the Pixel 3.

Apparently no one offers Lineage without Google Play for Pixel 3, and there is no official image, so I figured out how to build it with WireGuard support years ago, and it was such a pain that I never did it again.

Just give me a PinePhone so I can escape.

Oho, I changed from CBOR to MessagePack and my life became easier.

I'd use Pleroma if it wasn't ugly as sin. Maybe I'll use that one Mastodon fork that lets you customise more stuff without editing everything.

Thinking about moving from ProtonMail to Migadu. Sick of having to use ProtonMail's bridge for email clients. I like that the emails are encrypted at rest, but I'm not sure if that really benefits me.

I had an alcohol for the first time in a long time last night. Pretty good.

I changed my on-the-wire protocol to use CBOR for payloads instead of manually encoding and decoding for minimal size penalty.

Unfortunately, neither C# nor Java are able to support serialising objects as arrays (all the fields are inserted in order in an array), so the implementation is still annoying.

Was quick and easy in Rust, though.

I make a plugin that blocks real-money trade and roleplaying advertisements in . People can report ones that slip through. Let's look at what they report:

Not RP: LF personal tank, will nuzzle and wuzzle UwU <3
Not RMT: SELLING Incitatus Whistle! (Shiva Unreal Pony) 16 million or best offer
Not anything: Post-Add Prog. Cross Teathers! 6/8 Static More info described inside!

I'm glad I let people send me these useless reports ;-;

For a brief second, I considered using protobuffers in a project, but then I remembered they're one of the worst wire formats that exists. Ever.

I've somehow become the person who handles ad-blocking in (yes, this is a real thing that has to happen).

I'm never sure if the changing ads that slip through are actively trying to avoid my filters or just happen to by coincidence.

Now to figure out how to efficiently filter my RecyclerView (not based on a text search, like every single search result in the world assumes).

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