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me to non republicans: there is a lot of work to do that electing one guy wont fix

me to republicans: hahahahahahaha are you gonna cry. are you gonna shit your pants

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@dankwraith after years and fucking years of these fucking chuds showing up to anti-racism protests, waving around guns, running people over with cars, having trump talk about how much he loves violence against his enemies and to now have some fuck ass be a politeness scold?

fucking eat my entire ass

Apologies for the YouTube link, but this is how I feel right now.


I hope evil Republicans can handle the level of shit they're about to get.

- conservative tears
- I only like presidents who win
- facts don't care about your feelings

And so on. The party of projection shits on "snowflakes" and safe spaces, but as always, they're the ones who can't take even a bit of their own medicine without melting down.

Should be amusing. I know it's petty.


It looks like we have saved democracy for another four years. By a razor thin margin.


The Python in this screenshot also reflects the quality of my real-life sleep.

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Anyway, because I want to multitask, here I am using CNN's API to poll the states I'm interested in.


Biden has stated that he wants Americans to stop treating the other political party as the enemy.

It's a nice notion, but it's the wrong one. It's a sad fact that the Republican party is the enemy, in many ways.

They are, first and foremost, the enemies of democracy. They support autocrats and idealise dictatorships. They are party over country and have been for a long time now, even if being so destroys our system of government.

They are enemies of the people, socially. They seek to marginalise or outright end people that are different than them. They support hatred and idolise white nationalists and other symbols of hate. They enjoy seeing massacres, so long as they're not of white people (white people they like, that is).

They are enemies of the people, economically. They support making the rich richer. They froth over seeing a trillionaire exist when the average person can't get a job, when homelessness continues to exist. They voters work against their own interests while the cult leaders they follow advance their personal gains.

This is just a few of the ways Republicans work to destroy this country.

Any Trump voter is a tacit supporter of these stances, as they support the people and the party that espouse these views. They want to see it continue. They are the enemy.

negative feelings 

Everything that can go wrong recently for me pretty much has gone wrong. I want to cry.

Maybe the election will give me some spark of hope.

unemployment woes 

My protest (which I submitted five months ago) was just denied. At this point, my only option is to file an appeal, which puts me before an Administrative Law Judge. I'm reaching out to a few lawyers to see if it's worth pursuing.

Meanwhile, I'm almost down to $0 left. I'll have a small boost from app sales, but the money is drying up. I keep applying for jobs and getting nothing...


No results tonight, but that includes no negative results. AZ is going to be closer than anticipated, and it's a concern that AP may have called it too soon.

If we lose AZ, it's a big problem, so we need to hope it remains flipped. Might be another night where sleep is fleeting.

I love feeling and looking at my smooth legs. They make me feel cute and sexy.


Possibly election over in 1.5 hours. I really want it.


I like the FiveThirtyEight's drawing of Pence looks like a fucking vampire or ghoul or something.

Anyway, feeling a little better about the election. Cautiously optimistic.

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Michigan FINALLY flipped blue for the first time all night. I live there and I anticipate we'll finish blue, but god it was awful to watch it be red.

If election goes well I feel like watching all of Lord of the Rings or maybe doing a derust of FFVI without a timer.

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