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If I could get a complete night's sleep, that would be great.

I spent like an hour trying to adjust my trim to get the plane to fly level, but then I remembered autopilot and looked up how that works. Yes, hold altitude for me, autopilot. I'm the dumb

Sick of my life being controller by the Al Gore rhythm.

Doing Flight Simulator stuff is weird, because I feel weirdly qualified to fly a jet now. Like, it would be a shitshow, but I feel like I could take over if both pilots somehow died and probably land. Not super smoothly, but probably without dying?

But also like... I have these gaps in my knowledge like "where is the brake for when we land" and "how can I tell my heading"

Played Microsoft Flight Simulator after the eight hour install. I watched someone do the tutorial. Managed to take off, fly, and smoothly land on easy baby mode without doing the tutorial myself!

Got my new PC case. It is MASSIVE and by far the nicest case I have ever owned. It even comes with an anti-sag GPU bar. This thing should last forever, provided I don't break the tempered glass.

94% macro and 96% micro accuracy... something isn't right.

Started using computed properties about my data in my ML model and I've taken accuracy from 68% to 89%. It's only based on 1,606 rows of data, though, so there's that.

I need more data.

I like that sometimes when I add more data to my dataset, my model actually becomes less accurate. I was at like 80% accuracy and I'm back down to 68%. cry

unemployment happies 

The judged ruled in my favour, so I finally have the money I've been supposed to be receiving for the past six months! Finally, some breathing room.

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fun fact: the "dead" in "deadname" refers to what your state will be after you deadname me or any of my friends

unemployment hassles 

Well, my hearing before a judge for my appeal took six minutes. The judge said she didn't need to hear anything more after my testimony and would issue a ruling in less than ten days. I remain hopeful that they'll give me my money, but also I remain realistic in expecting them to keep it.

New FFXIV patch has made me so busy. Not only do I have to play the game and do crafting, etc., I also have plugins to update and fix and release. Do not like how suddenly I went from 0 to 100.

Cyberpunk 2077 on GOG ships with a dummy launcher that just displays a PNG telling you to come back on December 10. I thought maybe there's more to it, but it's a C# app, so I opened it in dotPeek and that's really all it is. It's a Grid with an Image inside.

choose your gender box but instead of a box it's a difficulty slider


What if YOU wanted hormones but bank account said no? USA is so great /s

covid stuff 

Sister *finally* got her test results. Tested on Sunday and only took until Saturday to hear the goddamn results. She's negative, so her positive result was a false positive. At least that's good.

discord on linux woes 

Discord on Linux is so shit and I can't use Ripcord because it'll get me banned. RPMFusion has an outdated version, so I figured I'd install snapd and install the snap, even though I hate snaps. Nope, that's also outdated!

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