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I don't usually lewd post, but does anyone else get turned on sometimes when they see themselves

I'm putting together cute outfits on Amazon...

uh oh I have a virtual date tonight with cute girl 😊

Got an email from PayPal that said "Your transfer request is pending", but I definitely read "Your gender request is pending". Mood.

Upgrading my server to new Fedora version only broke a few things. Think I'm done fixing now.

I don't know why I never did this before, but I just set emacs' scratch buffer mode to text and its initial content to the empty string. This is so much more useful than elisp!

I didn't see Monzo's preferred name option when signing up (apparently it's a known issue that it's easy to miss). Luckily, their support was able to quickly fix my account name, and apparently they're sending a replacement card with my preferred name.

I didn't even know you could do that! Now to wait for our sabotaged mail system to deliver another card... first one took forever.

Finally got a project I was working on to actually work. Feels so good to sit back and watch it not be horribly broken.

Now to fix it being horribly broken under literally any cirumstance besides the ideal.

Apparently Robinhood can delete approved accounts with no issue... but deleting an unapproved account? Impossible. ???

Weird request: does anyone have recommendations for femme Let's Players or streamers that have small/medium-size followings and do long-form (45 mins to several hours) content?

voice training 

Nothing to see here. Move along.

voice training part 2 

Also the sound of my voice with my larynx raised was like... big euphoria

voice training 

I think I made a little progress in moving my larynx. I actually talked in a voice I don't hate for a bit, but I feel like it falls back down and I can still use that voice, so don't think that's right.

Last time I looked at org-mode, I didn't like it. This time, though... I'm coming around.

I'm glad some people are moving to Signal, but almost everyone I actually know uses SMS and to a lesser degree Discord.

It is up to the reader's discretion to decide if "gf" means girlfriend or Guardian Force. This is always applicable.

Since Simple is closing, I exported all my transactions as I wait for my Monzo card to arrive. I decided to set up hledger using my exported data. Took all night, but now I can do stuff with it!

Figuring out envelope budgeting with hledger will be interesting.

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