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sex toys 

I like that I spent a lot of money on a toy, and the package they sent me with slow-ass shipping doesn't even contain the toy.

Great, I love having to go through support channels. It would almost be easier to open a dispute on my card.

- make plans to hang out with someone
- they say they have conflicting plans but are still free later
- later rolls around and they say they only have an hour because of different plans
- takes an hour to tell you they can't hang out any more

cool, great, thanks. guess I'll go watch star trek to distract myself from sad

Anyone who uses DoorDash knows that they've had increased delivery times and have been pushing hard that there aren't enough drivers.

This happened overnight. At the same time, they started pushing Caviar, a new service for pickup.

I had the fastest delivery I've ever had on DD last night, three times faster than their estimate.

I posit that DoorDash is artificially inflating delivery times and setting restaurants as pickup only in order to drive more business to Caviar.

lonely and having bad day with no one to talk to

covid vaccine 

Hi, it's me, person with pre-existing conditions that could use the vaccine.

Literally everyone else I know in my life, some around the same age as me (without pre-existing conditions), has already received their vaccine.

I'm signed up in three separate places and haven't heard shit. What a great system.

kinda creepy 

When I used DoorDash with deadname, no one ever sent me texts or even called regarding my order.

With my actual name? Texts all the time and someone actually just called me.

I got a laundry sorter. It has four bags.


I am here to say FUCK laundry baskets. Laundry bags is where it's AT.

femme underwear shopping 

Measuring myself and buying bras online is stressful, since I'd rather be able to try them on.

But also going to a store (if there were no pandemic) is probably worse, so I probably would've done online anyway.

Evil company Amazon appears to have classified me as "girl" now. It's amusing to see SD cards, repair kits, RAM, etc. listed right next to dresses, skirts, shoes, etc.

It is right that all of those things appeal to me, though.

At this point, saying that I "play" FFXIV isn't super accurate. I reverse-engineer parts of it to make plugins for it more than I play it now :hehe:

On a sign-up page for a website:

Gender: Yes ---o---------- No

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- Want to do more for a laugh? We had animals for that: THEY'RE CALLED DOLPHINS AND ANTS

- "Yes please I would like to buy stock", "What is existence" - Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

LOOK at what Humans have been demanding your respect for all this time with all the society and mutual trush they built
(This is REAL things, done by REAL humans)

< the eiffel tower> < computers > < two people kissing >

"Hello, you look nice, how was your day?"

They have played us for absolute fools
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