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This quiz is very difficult. I got 5/10. God his face is actually small.

Maybe I'm just really cynical, but I can't get excited about GitHub restoring a repo they wrongfully removed after a ton of pushback from the community. That doesn't make GitHub some open-source hero.

dumb meme 

Oh yeah? You like FOSS? Name every open-source licence and project in existence.

I'm just trying to talk to my friends online, not be attacked because of how I talk to them. Dang.

If you are so down the rabbit hole of being a FOSS advocate that you start gatekeeping it and telling people they should ditch their friends that aren't also fully on the FOSS train, maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities.

This shit is actually upsetting.

So Discord finally responded to my email. I asked them specifically what I did wrong, and they gave me yet another list of possible things I could've done. They said it was either spam or platform abuse.

This makes me more sure that I was banned because I was closing my old DMs too quickly using the official client.

They said they'd lift my ban once *generously* (/s). I hate these fucking centralised services.

I tried out for my friend's static and now I have to raid. Fuck.

I'm adding features that don't exist in the Android app to the Windows version... It is so much faster and easier to iterate on ideas on Windows than it is on Android.

I wouldn't use a Star Trek transporter because I'm not sure if the same consciousness comes out the other end...

It's like the Ship of Theseus all at once instead of gradually, and while all the atoms in my body are slowly replaced over time and I remain the same consciousness, if it happens all at once, I become wary of it.

Although maybe I'm not the same consciousness as atoms are replaced and it's a different me like every nanosecond.

I ain't using a transporter, though.


I think maybe Enter Shikari had some part in making me as liberal as I am.

The whole intro is pretty strong, but then there's...

Oh, yabba dabba do one, son
We don’t want your rules
Who you fooling son?
We’ve got all the tools
We need to build a whole new system
To correct these flaws


“You’re a communist!
You’re a fucking utopianist!”

Ah, there come the emotive labels
But their attempt just fails
'Cause man, we’re so far out your comfort zone (

Windows app in private alpha now. I still haven't worked out an installer or updater (Squirrel doesn't work with NET Core and they seem to refuse moving into the future).

Haven't worked out how you put an icon next to the executable in Explorer, either.

Went outside today because I haven't driven my car in months and needed to do some maintenance.

Put in some stuff in the gas tank to absorb the moisture from condensation and then drove it around and filled up the gas tank. Also put some windshield wiper fluid in.

This is like the third time I've gone outside? :hehe:

I spent a lot of time today working on features for the desktop version of XIVChat, hoping to give more useful things for RPers.

I'm beat, though. Will have to pick back up tomorrow or the next day.

I wish people didn't get so angry when I try to make money from making useful software.

122 GBs stored in my Mastodon bucket now. I think I'm probably hitting the equilibrium point now.

Shout out to @sir for having a thoughtful discussion about not just Sourcehut but general git workflows and ideas.

I love Sourcehut.

I am also 100% certain I have lost contributions from the community because of the lack of a PR-like system. I have been explicitly told as much by potential contributors.

git send-email is a wonderful tool, but I think it's also a relic of its time. People who just want to casually pitch in a change are not going to set it up, no matter how much we want them to.

The one person who HAS contributed this way has had issues with their contribution that I had to spent a long time fixing because I knew interest would waver if I asked them to send it again with whatever weird problem they had resolved.

I'm still continuing to use Sourcehut, but I think it is worth nothing that the rate your community contributes to your project is likely to go down if you do.

Male to female voice effects sure don't work very well. Neither do my feeble attempts at sounding more feminine. Feels bad.

I'm excited that my right to exist is not going to be challenged by the government anymore, at least.

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